About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast

Our Brand

Fashionable Afrika Marketplace is a fashion retail group, that focuses on delivering, all the latest high-end styles in African fashion, clothing, accessories, fabric and at an affordable price. All of our products which include: African fashion, clothing, footwear, accessories, fabric, creams straw baskets, décor furniture are 100% made in Africa specifically Ghana.

We highlight and showcase trending African designers; we market and promote their clothes and accessories on our sleek and exclusive new platform. These exciting and desirable items display bold African prints, bright colours, quality fabrics, and traditional and modern African-based designs. colors

We have a superb range of designer clothing, suitable for all ages tastes and occasions. Life is too short to accept anything less than the best and at Fashionable Afrika, we strive to offer you just that… “Exceptional”

Fashionable Afrika Marketplace is registered in the UK under the name of Fashionable Afrika Ltd, Company number 12816760, and in Ghana is registered under the name of Fashionable Afrika Marketplace Ltd, Company number CS125151220

Our Products

All our pieces have been produced in very our own workshop here in Africa, however, our fabrics were sourced in West Africa, specifically in Ghana– the country of origin of Nana Adjoa Sika, (Founder). We create looks designed by our in-house talent, made to equip all ages and genders with African Fashion needed during all aspects of life! We drop new styles every week, working tirelessly to bring out the freshest pieces put together in wearable ready-to-go-outfits, casual wear and many more.

By shopping at Fashionable Afrika Marketplace, you are supporting dyslexia and domestic violence victims in my home country Ghana (Safe Home NGO) https://safehomengo.com. From my childhood experience, I get the chance to reflect on what help would have been supportive during my childhood. I often reflect on my childhood experiences and I know that if this organisation had existed back then, it would have been a massive support. However, now, having created a platform which generates income means more contributions to (Safe Home NGO) supporting priorities in building hope and opportunities for underprivileged children. I believe hard-work, education, love and support anything is possible.


The company’s mission is to bring quality, unique and desirable African designs, prints and fashion products to the global market. To support small and medium size businesses to showcase their creativity and innovations. Delivering training and sustainable employment to boost the local economy. To encourage and promote entrepreneurship for the younger generations.


The company’s vision is to be a popular and respected and to dominate the African-designed online fashion market, delivering this via sourced products from Africa-Ghana designers for sale Globally.


Passion: Passion is the strength that keeps us going. Passionate about showcasing African rich culture abroad whilst promoting new opportunities of growth for African industrious designers.
Courage and hardworking: Essentially courage is socially contagious. The practical advice from this is simple. Work hard to increase your courage, mingle with courageous people.
Service to others: Once you start thinking of others, being at the service of others can become addictive others, and remember, being at the service of others is about being realistic for your lifestyle.